About Me

 About Me:
My name is Rosanne and I'd like to tell you a little about The Alley Rose and how it began.  I have been enthralled with antiques since I was a child.  The second Sunday of every month I sat next to my father on the bleachers of a country auction house and we watched fascinated as each item came up for sale.  Many times I watched boxfuls of linens go up on the block, get no bids and be taken out the back door and thrown into the dumpster.  It wasnít until I was much older and my babies were ripening into adults that I decided to see if a box of linens at a local sale could be saved.  The results werenít fabulous but it showed promise.  I began to read every book and article I could get my hands on.  I also talked to everyone from old ladies to college professors to the head cleaning guru at the big laundering company here in town.  I eventually began offering my linens back to the public and my business and I grew together.  Although I am still a home based business I (with the help of my husband, family and occasionally few close friends) now ship my linens worldwide.  Check out my "Other Antiques" as well.  As many auctions as I attend Iím forever finding something wonderful I canít resist offering to you, my customers.  I am delighted youíve stopped in to see me.  Browse around and have fun.  Iím more than happy to answer any questions you might have and I hope I am able to help you spot just the thing youíve been looking for to further accent your beautiful home.
About Our Descriptions:
99% of everything I sell is vintage or antique.  If the original label and date are still attached when it was purchased I will tell you that.  I will also include any information from the previous owner.  If not, I will try to give the approximate age and country of origin (for instance c. 1920).  Sometimes, however, I donít have a clue and will not make a guess.  Items that are described as "Perfect" or "Mint" condition are just that.  They are without holes, stains, repairs or flaws.  Any obvious factory flaws (such as slubs) will not be considered flaws but will be mentioned in the description.  "Near Perfect" means it may have a tiny repair, loose thread, pin hole or stain that will in no way detract from the integrity of the piece. All will be described and photographed in detail.  "As found" means I am selling it just as I found it.  On the occasion when I feel an item can be easily cleaned by the customer, I can sell it ďas foundĒ to lower the cost of the asking price.  There are also pieces which simply canít be cleaned but are historic and to be studied and enjoyed.  These will be sold ďas foundĒ as well.  I usually use the term "Best for Display" when I refer to antique articles of clothing or accessories.  Although the condition may be excellent, putting on a pair of 100 yr old Pantaloons for a ripping game of tennis or a day at the renaissance fair would probably not be a good idea.  They are best marveled over and displayed with pride.

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