Vintage Crocheted Bedspread with Cherubs Queen Sized

When folks bring me bedspreads to sell, it’s difficult to tell when they actually look like so I throw them over the bed in my spare bedroom.  When I unfurled this one my jaw hit the floor!  It is hand crocheted in a filet pattern of cherubs picking fruit and edged with 2 rows of butterflies.  Amusingly, in each corner is an American flag with an eagle (actually, more common to see than you think as it was an era of staunch patriotism and whenever a place could be found to showcase the flag, they jumped at the opportunity).  Another great thing about this one is it will fit a queen sized mattress, when the norm was for doubles.  The bottom corners are split so the spread lays perfectly uniform.  It was made with a white cotton thread and measures 92” x 85”.  There are no flaws or imperfections whatsoever.  The flag, with its 48 stars tells us it had to have been made between 1912 and 1958, although the lady I bought it from believed it to be much older than 1958.  Whatever it’s age, its extremely strong and can be used without worry.


Hand laundered, air dried.  Excellent condition.  c. 1912-58
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