Fabulous Vintage Scarf with Real Fur “Tails”

This piece came from an estate auction where the woman had some of the most beautiful vintage clothing and accessories I’ve ever seen.  Fortunately for me, the buyers were so busy fighting over the fur stoles and coats that I was able to snatch this up without too much notice.  The scarf itself is made from a quality black cotton jersey.  On either end are 4 fur “tails” (they’re not actual tails but made to look like it).  The fur at a glance is also black but under high light has a dark brown tinge.  I know the fur is real although I’m not sure what kind it is.  I have eight brothers, all who could identify it on sight, but unfortunately, they aren’t here.  Should one happen to show up, I’ll let you know.  It measures 9.5” wide and is 65” long.  The fur “tails” add another 6” to each end.  One of the coolest fur pieces I’ve run across in a long time.  I have another piece (a hair comb, also with fur) which I bought from this same estate.  It will be listed for sale very soon.


Selling as found.  Excellent condition.  c. unknown
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