Elegant Linen Centerpiece or Tray Cloth - Perfect Madeira Embroidery

Back in the day when ladies got together in the afternoon for club or cards, the regular luncheon fare served by the hostess was sandwiches.  Etiquette dictated that they be served on a fancy silver tray covered with a fancy cloth.  This probably began its life as one of those cloths.  However, now they are snapped up by savvy linen lovers to be used as centerpieces.  It is made of crisp Irish linen and hails from Madeira.  The impeccable embroidery is done with pretty periwinkle thread.  It measures 16" x 11" and is bright white and in perfect condition. As I sit here looking at it on my desk, it occurs to me that it would also be a wonderful cloth to put over a tray when you serve your honey a surprise breakfast in bed. 

Hand laundered, air dried and pressed. Excellent condition    c. post-1940

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