Amazing Antique Pantaloons - Fabulous Ayrshire Whitework lace 1840-60

The most fabulous pair of Pantaloons I’ve ever had the pleasure to feast my eyes on!  The bottom 10 inches of each leg (the only amount a respectable young lady would ever let anyone see) are encrusted with row after row after roow...(!) of small nuns pleats and the most heavenly lace you’ve ever seen!  The lace is entirely hand worked with the most amazing stitching and so well done I had to use a magnifying glass to determine whether it was hand or machine (the knots where she tied off the thread were a dead giveaway).  Made of a medium/heavy weight cotton, they button at the side, flair to the hips and then taper to slim, beautiful ankles where they fasten with a button.  The fact that the crotch is not open dates them to earlier than most.  They measure 27” around the waist and 40” from waist to ankle.  The only flaw is a small dot (probably paint) on the backside of one leg.  Otherwise, Bright white and perfect!  If that isn’t enough, there is a matching slip to go with this!  To see it click here.


Hand cleaned, air dried and pressed.  Excellent condition   c. 1840-60


You have no idea how close I came to keeping these for my own… They, along with the matching slip, are pieces I can only hope to come across again.  sniff, sniff...
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