Astonishing linen hand crocheted table cloth - monogram "R" and so much more!!! 70" x 66"

Your quests will do a double take when they see this fascinating piece gracing your home.  Tablecloths such as these were the rage after WWI and many patterns were copied from the works of crocheted designers such as Mary Card.  Made in a filet style hand crochet, it is designed with blocks of animals (both domestic and exotic) and personalized with the monogram "R".  It is edged with acorns.  Some animals are pictured but not all.  It was made with a small linen (yes Linen!!) thread.  It measures 70" x 66".  Because of the superior quality and craftsmanship of this piece, I would guess it was either an import from England or done by a extremely experienced craftswoman.  Equally amazing is the fact that it was never used as a tablecloth.  Rather, it was basted to another fabric and hung on a wall.  It is filmed layed out on the bed so you can see the piece as a whole.  Bright white, in immaculate condition and ready for show.

Freshly hand laundered and air dried.  Excellent condition   c. 1920's
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