Amazing Vintage Macro Petit Point Brooch

This little gem comes from my private stash (along with several others that I “simply had to have” and yet rarely wear - I’ll probably kick myself later). I see these occasionally (about every 2 - 3 years) at auctions and they can be bought quite reasonably because the jewelers in the crowd are more interested the precious metal and stone contents rather than the beauty of teeny weenie embroidery. I have no plans to point out to them what they’re overlooking. In the pictures the embroidery looks much bigger than it really is. When you see it in person, it boggles the mind how someone could have done such tiny stitches. I’ve done some research on this piece and didn’t learn much more than it was probably made in Europe. There are no markings on the back. It measures about 1.75” x 1.25”. There are no stains and the roll clasp works perfectly. One of the prettiest I’ve ever come across.

Selling as found.   Excellent condition. c. unknown]

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