Huge Crocheted Runner in a Rose Pattern from Bulgaria

What I love about European linens is often times they are so radically different from anything you would find made in the United States. I bought this beautiful piece from a charming lady who resides in Bulgaria. Measuring 55” x 29”, it could classify as more of a table covering. It is hand crocheted in a rose pattern - again unlike anything I’ve ever run across before. I apologize for the wrinkles taken when it was filmed on my dining room table. I had it folded, boxed and ready to go and decided to take one more picture of what it would look like displayed. After seeing how beautiful it looks in my dining room, I want to keep it so bad it hurts. This is why I have the rule “You buy it, you sell it”. Sigh. It ain’t easy being me.

Hand washed, air dried and pressed.   Excellent condition. c. 1940’s

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