Whimsical Antique Crocheted Doilie with a Fly

When I was a kid going to antique auctions with my father, “insect doilies” were as common as hen’s teeth. Now you never see them at all. I’ve run across a total of 2 in 12 years. The Victorians and Edwardians spent much of their time outside and thus, bugs were just a part of life. I’ve seen doilies such as this one with grasshoppers, spiders, ants, and I would guest a whole host of others as well. When I found this one in an antique store my heart jumped and then fell again when I noticed the deep quarter-sized stain near one edge that would surely melt away and take the thread with it when it was washed. Because I can do a simple chain stitch, I decided to gamble. As I predicated, the stain left a hole but with the little crochet I know, I was able to fix it. When I was finished I washed it again to see if my knots would hold and also to wash out the little bit of shine on the new thread so it matched the rest. The results? I can’t even find the part I fixed. I think it’s the last picture with my hand but I’m not positive. I just love it when a project goes right. It measures 12.25” square and is ready for framing or display.

Hand washed, air dried and pressed.   Excellent condition. c. 1900 – 30’s

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