Hand Crocheted “Bread” Doilie

Putting a doilie on a plate began clear back in the Renaissance Period when the wealthy noticed they were all getting sick while the peasants were hale and hearty. In an effort to figure out why, they noted that the peasants ate off of wooden dishes while theirs were pewter. Rightly, they derived that it had something to do with the pewter – although they never figured out exactly what (It was actually the lead leeching into their food). To combat this, they made elaborate embroidered pieces and placed them over the plates as a barrier between the plates and the food. In the late 1700’s, they began converting to porcelain so it was no longer an issue. In the case of this bread doilie, when it was made it had no purpose whatsoever except to impress guests. It is hand crocheted, measures 13” x 6.5” and is still in perfect condition. I get requests for these every so often but it’s not easy to find the really pretty ones. This one is pretty enough for framing!

Hand washed, air dried and pressed.   Excellent condition. c. 1920 – 40’s

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