Set of Six Placemats and Matching Napkins with Monograms

I bought this luncheon set from a dear lady in France.  She and I both believe they date to around 1910 – 20.  Sets like these were purchased by the lady of the manor and then custom hand monogrammed by professional embroiderers employed by the linen purveyor.  Wealthy families owned many sets, all in different patterns so as not to make the mistake of having guests who called often see the same pattern twice.  The monogram FSM is done in high relief with a tiny satin stitch.  The “fill” in the S is called “seed stitching” and highly sought after by fine linen collectors.  They are made of linen.  The placemats measure 18.5” x 11.75” and the napkins measure 14” x 13.5”.  One of the placemats has an old repair.  Because this set is still so very strong, I’m quite certain it was accidentally damaged somehow and not from wear.  I actually bought and presented this set to my mother on her 85th birthday as the monogram is very close to my fathers (WSM).  She cried when she saw them.  When she went in to the nursing home last year, I found the set still in the box and unused.  Sigh…  I hope the next owner actually uses these.  They've been stored for a very long time and made it through one (possibly two) ugly wars in Europe when so many others didn't.  It's possible they were hidden in a country summer chateau as many of the wealthy homes in the cities were looted or burned.  It would be a shame if they couldn't be appreciated now.  Put on the Ritz and dazzle your friends.  The's exactly what they were intended for when they were made so many, many years ago.

Hand washed, air dried and pressed.  Excellent condition   c. 1910 – 20’s


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