Ornate Victorian Tussie Mussie / Flower holder

This ornate Nouveau tussie mussie holder dates to about 1860 and was used by ladies to carry flowers from her suitor to balls and parties.  It was always carried in the right hand with the ring on the chain placed around her finger.  It has an additional clip on the back side to attach it to her belt while dancing. 

These are scarce as hen’s teeth and even more so since they have roared back into vogue over the last 10 years.  I took this over to my jeweler friend who told me he believes it is made of solid brass (there’s no way to tell for certain without damaging it) and that in over 40 years of being in the business had never seen one before. 


It is 6” in length and just under 1.5” at the widest part of the vase.  Although it is slightly misshapen, I see no damage or wear whatsoever.  I am selling it with the same beautiful patina it had when I found it.  I found it interesting to learn that these were always made by jewelers and were rarely marked as they were generally made as custom items for specific clients. 


This is a wonderful piece for the collector but oh, just imagine it being carried down the aisle by the bride to be.
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