#OA121538 Rare Antique Embroidered Tailorís Pincushion with Swastika Lace

I was literally shaking when I found this at an estate sale.  Not only are the pincushions themselves rare, but the lace on it is almost nonexistent anymore.  Let’s start with the lace.  It was made in France with what you’ll first think to be repeating a row of swastikas.  No, this didn’t belong a staunch supporter of Hitler’s 3rd Reich.  This symbol was known to exist as early as 5,000 years ago and meant different things to many cultures and continents such as “well being” and “good luck” – very much like the peace sign of today.  Sadly, when Hitler adopted it in the 30’s, people across the world destroyed anything with this symbol on it so as not to be associated with the most hated man on earth.  There is very little of it left, and in fact, most don’t even know its original meaning anymore.  Next, lets talk about the pincushion itself… It is made in 3 pieces, the pincushion and a top and bottom to cover it.  The top is hand embroidered with fancy bow.  The bottom is edged with lace.  It is assembled with a pink satin ribbon. The center portion is new (made by me) and filled with sand to replace the old one that was falling apart and filled with sawdust.  I always use sand as it doesn’t retain moisture as is easy to work with and will last a million years.  The condition is excellent with the only flaw being one little pinhole near the edge at about 5:00.  It is strong, displays beautifully and a true collectors piece. 

Hand cleaned, air dried and pressed.  Excellent condition   c. pre-1930’s (probably much earlier)


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