Centerpieces & Doilies

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Centerpieces and Doilies
  ~ The back bone of Victorian decorating ~
The name “doilie” came to be from a series of events beginning in the latter part of 1800’s.  Up until that time doilies were most commonly called Rounds, Roundels or Roundells (the name varied by location).  Around 1880 emerged an industrious fellow by the name of Doyle who roamed the countryside’s of Ireland, calling on the peasants to make linens for him and forming a huge cottage industry.  These linens were then exported en masse around the world.  The products bought from Doyle, whether they be roundels, runners, or placemats were dubbed “Doylees” or “Doylies” by the shop owners.  The early women’s magazines soon began publishing articles on how the crafty housewife could replicate them.  It was probably they who narrowed down and titled their articles on Roundels as “Doylies”. 
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